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History of St. Joseph Catholic School

1955 St. Joseph Catholic School
Saint Joseph Catholic School 1955 Opening Day

St. Joseph Catholic School opened in 1955, after several years of planning, fundraising, and work by members of the St. Joseph Parish. The first principal and teachers at the school were Sisters from the order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace. Based on their belief, “Our charism of peace challenges us to prophetic risk so that God’s reign might be more fully realized,” the Sisters taught the students of St. Joseph Catholic School.

During its first year of operation, St. Joseph Catholic School served students in first through fourth grades, and, over the following two years, fifth and sixth grades were added to the school. In 1960, the school built an addition and expanded to ninth grade. The school offered first through ninth grades until 1971, when seventh through ninth grades were dropped. In 1974, St. Joseph Catholic School added Kindergarten. In 1984, sixth grade was dropped to stay in suit with the local school district; schools in Wenatchee were moving to middle school teaching grades sixth through eighth. In 1986, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace left Wenatchee, leaving St. Joseph Catholic School with only non-religious staff for the first time since its opening. 

In 1990, The Missionary Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary came to St. Joseph Parish. The Sisters began their service to the school in 1994, filling a need for more religious leadership and support in the community. The charism of the Missionary Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary emphasizes, “…an awareness of God’s presence; Gospel values; the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ; the spiritual life; devotion to the Holy Spirit, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary; faithfulness to the Church; self-discipline and self-determination; and, empathy and service to others.” This charism influences current practices at the parochial school.

Established 1955

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