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Dress Code & Uniforms

SJS Students: Dressed for Success!


Uniforms are to be worn by children in Pre-K through Grade Five. Parents are required to maintain the integrity of the uniform policy by ensuring that their child is appropriately dressed before arriving at school. Shorts may be worn from September through October 31 and then again after returning from spring break.

The basic uniform for boys and girls is navy blue bottoms, and red polo shirts, short or long sleeves with school logo on it. Girls may wear navy blue jumpers with the school logo on it. Girls may wear a white blouse with a Peter Pan collar only under their jumpers. Land’s End is our official uniform supplier and gives 3% of all purchases back to St. Joseph Catholic School. Land’s End is found at landsend.com/school online. French Toast at www.frenchtoast.com also supplies uniforms. Land’s End and French Toast catalogs are available in the school office. The order number for Land’s End is 900029885. The source code for French Toast is QS479E7. You may also purchase uniforms at JC Penney, Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, or any other store as long as the clothing conforms to the policy.

Children may wear their St. Joseph Catholic School spirit shirt on Thursday with their uniform pants.

Children who come to school out of uniform will have a note sent home with them asking that they be in uniform the following day. Let’s help our children to “do what is expected and to do it the best that they can.”


No faddish haircuts/styles, hair coloring/bleaching. Boy’s hair should be short and neatly combed. Girl’s hair long or short should be neatly trimmed, combed away from the face, and contained in braids, pony tails or with appropriate clips, headbands, scrunchies, etc. Bangs should be trimmed above the eyebrows. Tattoos even if temporary are not part of the uniform. Children are not to wear make-up, including nail polish, to school. Girls are only allowed to wear one pair of post or stud earrings (small).


Free dress days will be announced in advance. On photo day, students are given the option to wear “their Sunday best” for pictures. However, they must bring their uniform and change immediately after their photo is taken. On such occasions where the uniform is not worn, the student shall dress appropriately with shirts tucked in, no hats, no tank tops or spaghetti straps, and no makeup. This dress code shall apply to any school-sanctioned event.

STUDENT Dress Code Guide

Parents see that your children come to school:

  • bathed, hair combed, and in clean pressed clothes

  • in complete approved school uniforms, and

  • in keeping with the Student Dress Code

The principal determines appropriate school dress. Parents cooperate by enforcing the dress code. The homeroom teacher checks for proper dress daily during opening exercises.

A notice is issued to students who are not in proper uniform or are not practicing good personal hygiene. Upon receipt of such notice, parent and student take corrective measures.


The school uniform is used in Pre-4 to 5th grade and is worn every day unless otherwise specified.

School emblems can be embroidered at:

Embroidery Magic
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Ask for Debbie

Orders through
Lands’ End
School #: 900029885

Orders through
French Toast
Code: QS479E7

Icicle River Co
220 S. Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Girls (Pre-4 through Fifth)

  • Navy blue jumper with school emblem

  • White blouse with Peter Pan collar (short or long sleeves)

  • Red cardigan with school emblem

  • Red St. Joseph Spirit sweatshirt

  • White knee socks or white tights (when wearing white shirt)

  • Navy knee socks or tights (when wearing red polo shirt)

  • Navy blue pants

  • Navy blue shorts or skorts

  • Belt, black or blue

  • Red short or long sleeve polo shirt with school emblem

Boys (Pre-4 through Fifth)

  • Navy blue pants

  • Navy blue shorts

  • Belt, black or blue

  • Red short or long sleeve polo shirt with school emblem

  • Navy blue or black crew socks

  • Red cardigan school emblem

  • Red St. Joseph Spirit sweatshirt


All students wear black or navy-blue, flat-heeled school shoes or sneakers that provide comfort and support. No glitter or light-up shoes are allowed.

Pre-4 and kindergarten students wear school shoes or sneakers that slip-on, buckle, zip, or have Velcro fasteners and do NOT wear shoes that require shoelaces.

The following are not allowed:

  • Faddish haircuts/styles, for example: Hair coloring/bleaching, shaved or short “buzzed” cuts, mushroom cuts, spiked tops, rat tales, long hair (boys), and slicked-down, wet or greased look

  • Body piercing, boys' earrings, large and/or distracting jewelry

  • Long nails, sculptured nails, nail polish

  • Tattoos (permanent and removable)

  • Non-regulation sweaters, hoodies, caps

  • Hats indoors

  • Dangling or multiple earrings

Hair Accessories/Jewelry

  • Girls’ hair accessories color-coordinate with the uniform (navy blue, red, and white). Girls do NOT wear bandanas and head scarves.

  • Girls’ hair, long or short, is neatly trimmed, combed away from the face, and contained in braids, pony tails, or with appropriate hair clips, headbands, scrunchies, etc. Bangs are kept trim above the eyebrows.

  • One necklace with a small religious medal is allowed (boys and girls).

  • Girls only are allowed to wear one pair of post or stud earrings (small).

Parents are welcome to stop by the school and help themselves to uniforms available from our “uniform swap”.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping our SJS student body to be “Dressed for Success!

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