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Cesar Sitio, Washington State University Student Missionary and St. Joseph Catholic School Alumni, Class of 2012, with St. Joseph Catholic Church, Associate Pastor, Fr. Eduardo Chavez

Calling all Alumni!

Do you love St Joe’s? We love you and want to hear from you! St. Joseph Catholic School graduates are a celebration of our successful spirit of achieving our Mission to educate the whole child and create an opportunity for future spiritual and academic success. We love to hear about your further education, profession or vocation, personal or professional news, and accomplishments. Please take a moment today to share your information with us below so we can celebrate you and those following behind, near or far!

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Memories Made

"Sister Tonia, Sister Pam and so many others shaped who I am today. Nothing but love and great memories for me. Judy!!! Our secretary and loving soul when we didn’t feel well."

Carrie (Herdt) Parra
Class of 1986


Lisa (Nebel) Martinez
Class of 1986

"It would be so fun to see classmates. Especially those of us that were together from beginning to end."

Eric Gutzwiler
Class of 1986

"Appreciate my experience now, more than ever. Some lifelong friends."

Sherry (Evans) Hawkins
Class of 1963

"I remember loving being part of the Apple blossom float for the kiddies parade, the pumpkin carving contests, and the carnival! Also loved Sister Pam, my Kindergarten teacher. I went on to teach kindergarten and hoped to have my students love it as much as I did with her."

Sarah Vradenburg Cox
Class of 1987

"God Bless!"

Monsignor Robert Siler
Class of 1972

"Mother-Daughter basketball games and Band with Mr. Taylor."

Chris Howell
Class of 1967

"The carnival with the cake walk and the 5th grade talent show."

Kim (Cobb) Kirk
Class of 1986

"7 wonderful years at St joe’s! 3yr old pre. -school- 4th grade."

Henry Tibbs
Class of 2018

"The harvest fest! Bring it back."

Spencer Rickel
Class of 2011

"So many memories. Loved our May Day celebration. Everyone brought flowers for the Mass for the Virgin Mary."

Donna Rix Shalkowsky
Class of 1970

"Looking forward to seeing many of my classmates as well as the classmates of my three kids who also attended St Joe’s."

Kathleen Aumell Law
Class of 1966

"5th grade camping trip."

Fatima Leandro
Class of 2015

"I loved Sr. Pam and Sr. Tonya and track. Hot dog Thursdays and ice cream."

Thomas Jay
Class of 1985

"Fun to see our 7th grade class photo in your post. Thanks for doing this." 

Cheryl Siler Adkins
Class of 1965

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