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Mrs Lisa Cochran

Mrs. Lisa Cochran

First Grade


Lisa has served as a valued teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School, Wenatchee, since 2015. She earned her B.A. in Elementary Education, with a minor in Reading, from Central Washington University in 2006. She has experience teaching multiple grade levels, from preschool through middle school. Lisa enjoys teaching all subject areas, but reading is at the top of her list; she loves seeing the kids' faces when they realize THEY are reading!

Lisa says, “I love the family atmosphere at St. Joe’s, and I feel that everyone is there to support one another in any way possible. I get to form such great relationships with not only my students but also with their parents. Getting to pray with my students and their families creates such a powerful bond that you cannot get in other educational settings.”

Mrs. Lisa Cochran loves things that make life meaningful and delightful. Spending quality time with friends, laughing, solving puzzles, and reading are some of her favorite pastimes. As a teacher, Lisa believes that learning is a never-ending journey, so she continues to enrich her knowledge to be the best educator.

Lisa is also a passionate baker and coffee lover. She enjoys spending time with her children, Dominic and Savannah, and their new kitten, Stella. Wenatchee Applesox Baseball and listening to music at the local Sunshine Ranch are some of the fun activities Lisa indulges in during her free time, with her kids and friends.

We invite you to join Lisa on her exciting journey of learning and fun-filled activities creating beautiful memories in first grade and making every moment count.

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