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Registration Policy


Parents who want their child(ren) enrolled at St. Joseph Catholic School may preregister at any time during the year. Please contact the office for the appropriate forms. You will be notified of acceptance in May of the year your child will attend school.

Applications for preregistration of new students must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per student.

Any student preregistering for St. Joseph Catholic School will be assigned one of these priorities, in accordance with the family’s qualifications. As openings occur, students from the highest priority will be given first opportunity. There are six priority categories, as follows:

  1. Children already enrolled in St. Joseph Catholic School (Preschool through Grade Four) re-registering for the forthcoming year.
  2. Families with siblings attending St. Joseph Catholic School.
  3. Catholic families from St. Joseph Catholic Church. In order to qualify for this category, the Catholic parents must be active, practicing, Catholics at St. Joseph Catholic Church.
  4. Families registered at adjoining Catholic parishes.
  5. Families, both Catholic and non-Catholic, whose children previously attended St. Joseph Catholic School but left because the family moved to another area.
  6. Non-Catholic Families.

April 30 is the last day that NEW applicants will be given priority status in preregistration for the following school year. Beginning May 1, all new applicants for the forthcoming school year will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Children must exhibit social, emotional, and physical readiness for Kindergarten by obtaining an acceptance score on the Scholastic Kindergarten or School Readiness Test, given in the spring of the year prior to admittance. Those students wishing to transfer into upper grades should be successfully enrolled in the same grade, or if entering in the fall, should have successfully completed the previous level of study. Admission is subject to review of student records and approval of acceptance by Principal/teacher.

The implementation of this policy falls within the ambit of the Administrative jurisdiction of the school. The procedure, times, and dates for both preregistration and re-registration will, therefore, be set by the Principal of St. Joseph Catholic School.

Exit interview

We are committed to making St. Joseph School a positive experience for families. In the event a family decides to leave during the school year, we strongly suggest an exit interview with the school Principal or other administrative personnel to determine the reason for the student’s departure.

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