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Mission Statement, Philosophy, & Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Joseph Catholic School is to use the knowledge of God’s love to educate the whole child by instilling strong moral values, respecting and serving our diverse community, and achieving academic excellence for future success.


The philosophy of St. Joseph Catholic School is consistent with the Catholic tradition of the gospel message. St. Joseph Catholic School is a close community whose members help each other grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially in a caring atmosphere. The school acts in partnership with the parents as first and primary educators of the children. Each child is treated with the dignity and importance bestowed upon him/her by our Creator. While each child is valued as an individual, students are also taught the importance of being responsible, productive, caring members of the broader community.

Schoolwide Expectations of Learning (SLEs)


ENGAGE in Catholic Practices and Prayers

EXHIBIT Gospel Values, behaving in kind, generous, and fair ways

SHOW Love for others, self, and all of God’s creation


PERSEVERE to achieve Personal and Academic Goals

ACCEPT Responsibility and Solve Problems

RESPECT others and display Good Stewardship


SERVE Others

DEMONSTRATE a spirit of Generosity

PARTICIPATE in Service Projects

Established 1955

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