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Fundraising at St. Joseph Catholic School is the responsibility of all parents. Money raised by the three major fundraising events—Harvest Festival, Have-a-Heart Auction, and May Fest—finance a significant portion of the annual budget. In addition to providing financial support, these events, and our presence at them, contributes to the social and spiritual enrichment of our school community. By involving ourselves in these activities with our children, we give witness to our commitment to Catholic education to our students, families, and parish members. Since these fundraising events are conducted with the generous assistance and support of the greater Wenatchee community, participation allows us to share our Gospel message with many others.

Currently, there are 4 aspects to fundraising at St. Joseph Catholic School that all families must make a sincere commitment to support:

Harvest Fest

This two-day event, held in the fall, consists of a Saturday all-day and Sunday 10-5 outdoor festival, including carnival games, food, live music, inflatable rides, and crafts. Parents are expected to help decorate, cook, serve and clean at the Fiesta, provide staffing for the food and games, and clean up after the carnival event. Net profits from this event are approximately $18,000.

Have-A-Heart Auction

This event is held at the Kuykendall Hall on a Saturday night in early February. School families are expected to: assist in procuring a total of approximately $100,000 in donations from the greater community (5 items per family worth a total of $350 or one item worth $1,000), coordinate class projects, help on the weekend of the event with: set-up, decorations, ticket sales, raffle sales, table closings and registration at the event, etc. Net profits from the auction are approximately $100,000.

May Fest

Celebrate cultural diversity in a family-oriented learning environment. Featuring fun family activities, entertainment, and music of the Hispanic community in the Wenatchee Valley.


St. Joseph School is continuing to register families in eScrip.com (Safeway, Macy’s, Eddie Bauer, Office Depot plus others) community partner programs. When you register your rewards cards online, every time you shop you earn money for our school. The more families registered and using their cards while shopping, the more money the school receives.

Additional Fundraising Efforts

Please send box tops for education, labels for education and empty ink & toner cartridges with your children to school. We can mail in these items to receive funds for Saint Joseph Catholic School.

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